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Veneers services offered in San Diego, CA

Few things can transform the look of your smile more than dental veneers. This popular cosmetic dentistry treatment is provided by Sarah Elghor, DDS, and the team at Elghor Dental Studio in San Diego, California. If you’d like more information about how veneers might work for you, booking a visit is as easy as making a quick phone call or clicking the online scheduling tool.

Veneers Q&A

What kinds of cosmetic issues are a good fit for dental veneers?

Dental veneers are a versatile cosmetic dentistry treatment that can correct a wide range of aesthetic issues at once. Some of the issues that a great set of veneers can improve include:

  • Discoloration that teeth whitening cannot correct
  • Gapped teeth
  • Minor misalignment
  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Abnormally small teeth
  • Misshapen teeth

Compared with having multiple treatments to address more than one issue, dental veneers offer a great return on your cosmetic dentistry investment. Dental crowns and cosmetic bonding are also popular cosmetic dentistry options that can address many of the issues mentioned above. 

What are the steps required when getting dental veneers?

During your initial visit, Dr. Elghor removes a minimal volume of your natural tooth enamel to make room for your veneers. 3D digital scanning using the iTero® intraoral scanner gathers the specifications needed to create your custom veneers. 

A set of temporary veneers protects your teeth until the new veneers arrive from the lab. You return to the office to allow Dr. Elghor to check the wafer-thin shells of porcelain for appearance and fit. Cementing the veneers in place is the final step and completes the treatment. 

How long will my new veneers last?

You can expect to get 10-15 years of wear out of a new set of veneers. You can extend your results by taking care to avoid anything that places undue strain on your teeth. This includes chewing ice or other hard objects and using your teeth to hold items in place. 

Excellent dental hygiene is also important. Although your porcelain veneers aren’t subject to decay, they can become stained over time. Brush and floss regularly, and avoid smoking or other tobacco use. 

Eventually, your dental veneers will need to be replaced. That process is similar to the steps outlined above, except it begins with removing your existing veneers and checking your tooth tissue for any signs of concern. Dr. Elghor can also make minor adjustments to your next set of veneers if there’s anything about your smile you’d like to change. 

If you have additional questions about dental veneers, call the office to book a one-on-one consultation. Online booking is also available and allows you to connect with the practice any time of day from the comfort of home.