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Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment services offered in San Diego, CA

Dental laser technology has grown at an incredible rate in recent years, and patients who rely on Sarah Elghor, DDS, of Elghor Dental Studio in San Diego, California, have access to some of the best laser treatment options currently available. The best way to explore these treatments is by booking a consultation using the easy online scheduling page or by calling during normal business hours.

Laser Treatment Q&A

How can laser treatment improve my gum health?

The word “laser” is an acronym for “light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.” Laser technology essentially concentrates beams of light to alter targeted substances. In dentistry, lasers are used to alter tooth and gum tissue. 

Laser technology can help address dental decay by both removing damaged tooth tissue and eliminating bacteria in preparation for a filling. When it comes to gum health, laser treatment dramatically reduces oral bacteria while also stimulating your body’s innate healing response. 

If you have advanced gum disease, laser treatment offers a path toward healthier gums and reduced risk of serious outcomes like tooth loss and infection.  

Are there aesthetic laser treatment options?

The team at Elghor Dental Studio is proud to offer cosmetic laser treatment options. Many people have excess gum tissue, sometimes referred to as gingival overgrowth. This means your gums cover an abnormal amount of your tooth tissue. It’s also commonly called having a “gummy” smile. Asymmetrical gum tissue is also a common problem. 

Aesthetic laser treatments use light energy to reshape your gum tissue in a more visually appealing manner. You may have heard this treatment referred to as a “gum lift” or gum recontouring. 

Are laser treatments safe?

The treatment platforms offered at Elghor Dental Studio represent some of the most advanced technology on the market. Team members go through advanced training to learn how to make the most of these systems. 

Laser treatments are backed by a strong safety track record. In the hands of a highly skilled and experienced practitioner like Dr. Elghor, laser treatments are a safe and effective way to improve your dental health. 

Gum recontouring treatments are performed in just one visit. There’s no need for preparation or any significant recovery time. You may experience some mild soreness and bleeding in the hours after your visit, but over-the-counter pain medication is all you need to control discomfort. 

If you’d like to explore these treatments in greater detail, book a visit using the easy online scheduling page. You’re also welcome to call the office during normal business hours to find a time that fits your busy life.